RAK Porcelain's Instagrammable tableware


So, what’s out there?

Tableware is a necessary fashion statement and, like haute couture or the latest street-style craze, it speaks volumes about how hip or classy your establishment is. Unusual tableware or more simply put eccentric tableware is what diners look forward to and demand that ever more drama be pumped into their eating out experience.

Technology also has its part to play in spreading the message about how on-trend your establishment is. There are currently more than 250 million posts on Instagram tagged with ‘food’, so with this in mind it has never been more important to have an appealing tableware offering. It is imperative that presentations are ‘Instagrammable’, to say the least.

Tableware is also key to the design and branding of a venue. The layout styles not only influences the guest but more so the chefs, as it gives them the tools to present food in-keeping with the style of the restaurant. Some restaurants offer a much wider variety of food than others – and they also vary dramatically in size – so there is no single solution that fits them all.

Over time, the following trends have usurped importance and is expected to stick around for a while. This is a paradigm shift from the classic white fine china tableware.

  1. Coloured tableware ranging from pastel shades, neon colours and classic and modern patterns

  2. Textured tableware with variations in elements such as stone, concrete, metal, wood and a variety of other materials

  3. Sharing Platter concepts for large casual gatherings among friends

  4. Tapas dish concepts are popular because of their grab and go portion sizes

  5. Luxury tableware with hints of precious metals

  6. Bone China tableware due to their light weight

  7. Hand crafted, uniquely shaped and coloured dinnerware for exclusivity 

Chef’s also influence the choice of tableware that is applied for presentations to exhibit their culinary skills and creativity. Not to forget that ‘haute cuisines’ displays and food styling are crucial for motivating customers to dish out those extra bucks!


As an international manufacturer RAK Porcelain incorporates these inputs and strives to craft porcelainware that complements market trends without compromising upon product quality, durability, ease of maintenance, convenient stacking and storage.

RAK Porcelain is therefore a brand that is effortlessly authentic.