RAK Porcelain's Oriental Fortune


#DidYouKnow - Porcelain tableware since history has been a symbol of prestige and power. 

Tracing porcelain’s trends, porcelain tableware dates back over 2,000 years and some of the first porcelain pieces have been traced back to the Eastern Han Dynasty in China. Teacups and plates were the most common uses of porcelain followed by sculpturing statues . For years the Oriental belt had controlled the fine china and porcelain supply to the world, which gradually spread to different regions.


Hosting banquets at which fine tableware was used, the aristocracy were able to convey their wealth and status to guests, even today is no different. As per the global tableware statistics the Pan Asian region is touted to be one of the major consumers of contemporary tableware in the years to come.

As on today, RAK Porcelain has established its presence in the Far Eastern markets by adapting the product mix which takes inspiration from Asia's cultural dining habits. 

Taking cues from this trend, we have consolidated our position in the region by catering to the ever-evolving requirements of innovative and fresh shapes and designs ; given that the hospitality and hotel industry in the region is at an all time peak.



In 2019, we participated for the first time at the Hoteres Caterex Japan held in Tokyo - the biggest trade fair for hospitality and food services in the country and gained an impressive feedback for our tableware. Strengthening our Asian fortunes we then headed for a profitable stint with Hotelex Shanghai exhibition in China and sponsored the Hilton F&B conference.

We foresee that our opportunities to serve the region is a plenty and are gearing up to participate in two more upcoming events for this year, before we wrap up this years Oriental journey.

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  • Food and Hotel Show Indonesia (24th to 27th July 2019)

  • Food and Hotel Show Malaysia (24th to 27th Sept 2019)