International Food Service & Lodging Show 2020


We are all set to unveil our newest gems on the dining table as we focus on offering enjoyable moments savouring your favourite food and drinks upon RAK Porcelain's artistique porcelainware! Visit us, as we launch our latest collections of Novelties 2020 and officially release the industry’s next biggest porcelain star - ' RAKStone'

New England Food Show is an international platform bringing the food industries and restaurants from all corners of the world under the same roof. The event focuses on promoting the foods and hospitality industries. The event provides training among younger generations and also promotes various well-established businesses to promote and network their brands worldwide. It is a unique platform focusing on food businesses and restaurant services. Seminars and conferences are also conducted alongside the event by professionals to train other employees and youngsters to promote the food and beverage industry. Visitors can also sample various food delicacies along the way and learn about the processes responsible for creating that delicacy.