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RAK Porcelain L.L.C


Ceramic tableware Industry added a new chapter with launch of RAK Porcelain LLC in United Arab Emirates in the year 2005. Situated strategically in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, this company quickly went on to become the World’s leading supplier of professional grade Porcelain tableware in HORECA Industry due to its proximity to ports in Dubai thereby able to reach every corner of the World with the shortest transit times.

From an Initial Capacity of 15 Million pieces In 2005 and a further capacity Increase to 24 Million In 2018, Today RAK Porcelain is at a pivotal point, as the company now Is making major Investment to expand both spatially and numerically to meet burgeoning market demands and to target new growth avenues. The manufacturing space is being expanded to 100,000 square meters and the yearly production capacity has been raised to 36 million pieces.


This Investment is planned to reduce production lead times to less than 4 weeks and to cater to the varied categories of Porcelain tableware the company ventured into. They started with Ivory Porcelain which was later expanded with the addition white porcelain body. Then came the Instagram age where the company went into producing colored socially network savvy products aptly named “Neo Fusion”. Recently, “RAKStone” a stoneware type material was introduced, followed by a blast from the past and a nostalgia kindling Terracotta range “RAK Earth” which has the antique look and feel, combined with the properties of Porcelain, thereby a perfect mix for professional use.


The company also ventured into producing its premium Bone China range “Le Ballet” from the same plant. This range is a striking combination of elegance, translucency, robust beautifully decorated Porcelain tableware which is bound to adorn Michelin and high-end restaurants to give unmatched Customer satisfaction to have a feeling of feasting like Royalty.


RAK Porcelain has made a mark for itself to be the only manufacturer producing such a wide array of products from a single plant, thereby stamping itself as the one point stop for all Hospitality Industry needs and setting new Industry trends by constant Innovation and reinventing itself.

About Us

Company Profile

RAK Porcelain started its journey in the year 2005 with a vision to be a one stop porcelain table top solution provider. Professional and experienced ceramist engineers backed by skilled artisans, brought to life the creative innovation of leading european tableware designers who work in close association with Michelin Chefs to create trends that drive the HORECA industry. RAK Porcelain tableware is made of high alumina and is a novel combination of quality, durability and aesthetics consisting of sophisticated flatware, fashionable hollowware and ergonomic kitchenware that provides unique gourmet dining. Technical expertise and passion for quality, makes us the most preferred associates of chefs internationally and our products form a canvas for their creative brilliance. Due to synergistic collaborations with hotel groups we offer high flexibility, wide array of customization and premium quality porcelain tableware to be certain as the tag line states 'Make Sure It’s RAK'.

Our Mission

We passionately strive to attain excellence in our 'local business operations - globally’ and thereby re-define and enhance lifestyle dining experiences.

Our Vision

To be HORECA Industry’s most favoured table top solutions provider, relentlessly inspiring innovation among culinary specialists.


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Our Designers

Mikaela Dörfel

Her design takes its inspiration from an ancient farm surrounded by horses and meadows dotted with small lakes, directly from nature itself, underpinned by a defined structure.

Gemma Bernal

The strength of the concept is its simplicity and accessibility. The concept must inspire, awaken the senses, function independently and do justice to the natural materials

Murali E.A

For Murali it’s his love for nature and photographic skill set that has inspired his creativity. He has proven ability to capture images quickly and use them in his day to day assignments.

Ana Roquero

Shapes new forms of tableware design with an innovative language as organic and sensitive shapes show her love for nature and respect for the environment with products which are born to last and stay.

Giuseppe M Scutella

"I like to talk with the soul of all my projects, discover its history and capture the hidden hues of its character, respect its nature and embrace its languages. It is my way of approaching its magical essence and becoming its interpreter."

Sahar Madanat

A pioneer in product design and is one of the most awarded designers in the Middle East. Her design work ranges from medical wellness to new concept furniture.

Alain & Dominique Vavro

Among our creations, our favorites are the most recent, Nordic and Massilia state the dynamic designer duo!

Robin Levien

Challenging and exciting; expect the unexpected, states Robin Levien when asked about his thoughts on working with RAK Porcelain. An industry veteran with 43 years of designing experience in the ceramic and porcelain industry.

Pamela Luisi

Painter, decorator, designer. My creations reflect a deep understanding of technique and attention to detail. They originate from the observation of nature and everything that surrounds me, all of which I draw inspiration from.