A dream to realize and a lasting legacy to leave behind,
Resilience to overcome uncertainties and vigor to turn them into milestones,
United, we are strong, we are unstoppable, we are RAK Porcelain.

Dear Friends,

With renewed positive energy, I warmly welcome one and all to new opportunities, new possibilities and a cheerful NEW YEAR 2022.

While hospitality industry experienced a major shift due to unforeseen series of events, I’m grateful for the progress we as a team have accomplished and would like to extend gratitude to our clients for their unswerving belief and support throughout.

I, also on behalf of RAK Porcelain family, would like to express my appreciation to all the members of the board and shareholders for placing their confidence in us which successively helped us reach our strategic goals.

Change is inevitable often deemed as a positive aspect of our industry. Mastering the art of this inevitability, we are advancing towards a whole new dimension this business year. Our team has been relentlessly working to unravel inspiring new ranges composed exclusively to serve the hospitality industry. Stay tuned as we unveil more jewels of our crown soon.

In the next phase of this newsletter, I would like to remark about an exciting year we cruised through and here’s an encapsulation of our best accomplishments.

Launch of our E – Shop “La Porcelaine des chefs”. “Your wish is our command”, a thrilling scope of business model to serve our clients from the comfort of their homes all around Europe.

For a better world and to shape future - THE EXPO 2020. 
RAK Porcelain has proudly come forward to sponsor and be a part of a futuristic experience shaped for the mankind to witness by The World. As Diamond Sponsors of the Luxembourg Pavilion, joining the greatest showcase of human brilliance has been a remarkable accomplishment.

A year of exclusive partnerships. We are elated to forge partnerships with two significant brands-Lucaris for the quintessential crystal glassware range and Ocean Glass for pioneering glassware ranges for EU region and a prominent exciting collaboration with SOLA Cutlery for the USA Region.

DELISSEA is here! Conceptual innovative cup series developed by Arnaud Baratte. Unique in the world, DELISSEA offers a rare moment of voluptuous delight when the word “tasting” reveals its true meaning. Producing these exclusive and complex cups with intricate details is a notable achievement recorded in our books.

In conclusion, our calendar year has been greatly rewarding and reviving. We would like to take this opportunity to also thank leaders of all nations striving towards a collective vision to make this world an innocuous and infallible abode.

While the approach towards managing the world of business is reformed as we know it, for a brighter tomorrow embracing the change and challenges with confidence is key. United, we can conquer any stumbling block to realize our dreams of success.

Looking forward to writing new stories together,


Renu Oommen