Together we survive, we strive & we thrive


Dear Friends and Well-wishers,

It’s a new era, a new decade and with an optimistic outlook I welcome all of you to 2021. We pray and wish that this year is blessed, prosperous and ‘normal’.

The hospitality industry saw tumultuous times but, with our staunch customers who are at the core of our business, we are certain that we will prosper together in the year ahead.

We would like to thank our Board of Directors and shareholders for their confidence and faith in us, our suppliers and business partners for their firm belief in our ethics and our employees for their patience, hard work and trust. Tough times never last, but tough people do – so did we.

Just like time and tide we at RAK Porcelain are moving ahead with exciting developments, our R&D team has worked hard to model industry specific novelty products which are in the pipeline for you to see and experience soon.



We are grateful to our customers for showing immense courage and confidence in our business and we in turn have strived to reach their doorstep and provide solution to their needs outlined below

1. The factory continued regular operations and we maintained our 2 weeks’ delivery time to help distributors reduce stocks and unblock cash flow.

2. Our past decisions to consolidate production of all segments of tableware whether it is Ivory, white and coloured porcelain or RAK Stone within our factory premises made us self-sufficient enhancing our ability to control the supply chain making us a one stop solution provider to our customers.

3. Flexibility in production lines helped us to be operationally adept to cater to ad hoc demands of the market during the period. The industry dynamics were unprecedented, with trends changing from sharing platters, socialization and comfy dining to today’s trend of compact food portions, extreme hygiene and safe distancing.

4. In line with changing times we enhanced our product offering to suit demands of the #newnormal. With safety as a priority, the ‘Bye Bye Buffet’ range was introduced for buffets. By giving precedence to food safety and hygiene, we ensure that diners do not compromise on the experience at the same time offer the industry a product of value and visual appeal.

5. An exciting development is the successful “RAK Porcelain Truck” launched in Europe. A unique channel of on-field marketing and supply of tableware to the HORECA sector post the lockdown. An ingenious concept of ‘a showroom on wheels’, for customers to see and buy products conveniently.




The crisis is a major setback for our industry with many losing their livelihood due to business exigencies. We consider this industry a close knit family and we will remain united to tackle this difficult phase.

We commend the governments across the world for their efforts in minimising the spread of virus and giving us a viable business environment. At an organisational level we ensure that our employees are safe by maintaining social distancing & strict quarantines rules and provide all affected employees free healthcare as well as a safe work from home environment.

We are positive that with proper implementation of safety measures, innovative practices and persistent determination and with the vaccine on the horizon, we will steadily grow to become a stronger, safer and successful unit.



Together we survive, we strive & we thrive!

Ring out the old and ring in the new, wish you all a peaceful and healthy 2021!