DELISSEA is here!


RAK Porcelain Europe is pleased to announce the launching of DELISSEA, our new and innovative cup series. 

This concept was developed and designed by Arnaud Baratte and has already won design awards and recognition in the HORECA industry.  On the strength of 18 years’ experience in the arts of the table, Arnaud Baratte takes great pleasure in matching the shape, style and technology of an object with its contents. The collections of innovative, functional glasses he has designed are known and renowned all over the world, by professionals and the general public alike.

From glass to porcelain was only a short step…. Arnaud Baratte took it by deciding to concentrate on the tasting of coffee, tea and even chocolate, which he considers perfectly comparable to wine, with an initial bouquet, aromas and then length on the palate, measured in caudalies (seconds).

And so the DELISSEA collection was born, the fruit of several months’ research and a specific skills set. The shape, the size, the thickness of the china, the grip were all conceived down to the minutest detail, both inside and out.

Unique in the world, DELISSEA offers you a rare moment of voluptuous delight when the word “tasting” reveals its true meaning.

Producing these exclusive and complex cups with this level of details is a big achievement our factory did. The cups are made in our Polaris bright white porcelain.

The cups are available in three formats:

  • Espresso Cup
  • Lungo Cup
  • Chocolate/Tea Cup

When the brew is poured, the interior design of the cup produces a double turbulence, which serves to greatly enhance the olfactory experience. The fragrances develop smoothly, the aromas are pared down to leave an intact bouquet. On the palate, the curve of the vessel leads the drink to a precise area of the taste buds, where more complex aromas can be perceived.

With Delissea you are in tune with your senses!

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