RAK Porcelain & Gemma Bernal sketch the Silver lining with ‘Suggestions’


30th April, 2020: RAK Porcelain has clinched yet another illustrious title at the A’Design Award and Competition. Partnering with Gemma Bernal, the chef’s exclusive master collection ‘Suggestions’ tableware has won the Silver A’ Design Award in the Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware, and Cookware Design Category.



Suggestions is an extensive collection of 10 ergonomic series that focuses on solving the needs of chefs. Each porcelain dish promotes sharing on a center table, while serving specific solutions like water drops of melted ice. Hiding the mess of shell foods like mussels, escargots. Items that make a buffet more dynamic and conveniently and dining neatly and comfortably with grilled meat. A collection were each piece has an interesting and functional reason besides attractive shapes.

This project is inspired by chefs for chefs. With Suggestions, chefs can express their culinary creations as the tableware offers them a platform to enhance their creations and improvise gastronomic ideas while customers will cherish each offering as petite pieces of art. The main quality of this tableware is to display chef creations prominently and keep servings in optimal conditions for the best experiential dining opportunity.




A perfect example is ‘Amaze’, this dish keeps solid ice separated from the melted water, which then keeps food untouched and fresh for a long time. Also with Amaze, we find a variant that places carbonic ice inside keeping food (sushi for example) cool and visually striking as it gives off fresh smoke. ‘Create’, ‘Shaped’, and ‘Shared’ series cater to both bite-sized and shared platter food options for groups.

In the ‘Chill’ series, caviar is kept on ice without tangible contact; the collection makes for stunning tabletop presentations. With ‘Picked’ indulge into cocktail appetizers in little lilies made of porcelain that allows one to easily stay mobile while dining. Enjoy a scrumptious portion of meat on ‘Staged’ as its irregular dotted texture separates the fluids from your meal. ‘Ashore’ offers tidy dining as one can easily dispose shells of molluscs from soups and food. ‘Swirls’ is wisely designed to enhance the aroma of brewed coffee effortlessly.



The entire development was done over a period of one and a half years across Barcelona to the Emirates researching on the real necessities of HORECA chefs. We focused on understanding their limitations, the lack of available options and recorded their inputs and opinions to thereby provide practical tools which ‘suggest’ solutions that expand creativity on gastronomic services. Merging Gemma Bernal’s immaculate designing and the production teams’ superior technological expertise RAK Porcelain conceived a winner – ‘Suggestions’.

RAK Porcelain

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