'Sensate'ional Assistive Dinnerware by RAK Porcelain


As we progress further in our efforts to offer innovative and inspirational dining solutions to a wide variety of end-users, RAK Porcelain takes pride in launching the new ‘Sensate’- Assistive dinnerware series, designed by Sahar Madanat who is recognized worldwide as a renowned industrial designer and entrepreneur, whose work has been lauded and awarded by several international associations.

RAK Porcelain has collaborated with Sahar to unveil this acclaimed series at the recently concluded NRA Show 2019, held in Chicago.



The Sensate series, is a one of a kind dinnerware variant which expands our hospital portfolio and opens further opportunities for us within the healthcare and wellness segment. It is a comprehensive collection of rimmed and unrimmed dinner plates, side plates, soup bowls and mugs, its main features are elaborated : 

It's universal, user-centric design benefits differently abled people - those with visual limitations, upper limb impairments and stroke victims with limited muscle or hand co-ordination, offering them a degree of independence to enjoy a good meal with pride, confidence and satisfaction.



- Well defined colours helps users distinguish food and stimulates appetite
- Multi-functional plate partitions makes it simpler to cut food into easy sizes
- Sensory elements within the plate and bowls guides the user to be at ease
- Curved chambers collect food at the center for easier scooping
- Wide slanted handles of the mugs make it convenient for people to hold independently
- Solid and durable porcelainware to provide stability while dining


RAK Porcelain

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