Epic! HIDE Series wins


We are delighted to announce that RAK Porcelain’s #HIDE series from the #EPIC tableware collection has won the 2019 RED DOT design award thanks to our esteemed designer Gemma Bernal’s creativity and the continuous efforts of our entire team.

‘The Red Dot’ organization is one of the most sought-after seals of Quality for good design and being the best in business. The competition is the biggest and most renowned design platform in the world with thousands of submissions from around the world by leading design experts; who are recognized and awarded for their creativity each year.

HIDE is designed and created by internationally celebrated Spanish designer Gemma Bernal and skilled ceramic experts at RAK Porcelain based on the principle of surprising guests, enlivening their emotions and taking them on a journey of the senses.


Hide wins Red Dot Award 2019

HIDE features 3 emotional elements, which plays up feelings of immediate surprise, the hidden content and an attractive visual presentation.

1. A water drop that expands : This element arises while expressing the feeling of something pleasant, delicious and calm that expands, until it fades and then eventually disappears. Just as in nature, a drop of water falls on a lake and creates a delicate wave that fades away from view.

2. Three leaf clover : A three-leaf clover is the symbolism of good fortune. At the extremity of the HIDE cover, it turns and reveals itself with a wink for luck as the journey has begun bringing with it an element of anticipation of a pleasant tasting surprise that will soon arrive.

3. The crowning taste experience in 3 steps: In the upper plate, the culinary artist proposes a light provision that aligns with the rest of the meal through contrast or congruity. The central part, through the perforations in its base infuses and enhances with its delicate and delicious vapours. Then, the third and final stage, directly onto the plate, the main proposal arrives. 

The petite delectable delight has arrived and the journey has been enjoyed.